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Brgy One Stop Service


If you have Kasambahay(s) who need to exempted from attending the Disaster Prepared ness Seminar, kindly Fill-up and submit the Kasambahay Exemption Form: Download Here


BSL Satellite Clinic Now Serving BSLBA Members


Good news to all active BSLBA Members!

Barangay San Lorenzo Satellite Clinic now offers medical/dental consultation and emergency treatments for employees of BSLBA members at preferential rates. (Download BLSBA Memo)

Said satellite clinic is an extension of the Barangay San Lorenzo Clinic located in the Barangay Hall. It initially serves barangay constituents only. However, at the end of 2014, Brgy Chairman Ernesto Moya announced that it will expand its services to duly certified employees of active BSLBA members.

Availment is subject to existing policies and regulations of BSL Medical Clinic. For complete details, read here.



My company is an active member of BSLBA, what are the steps in availing this service?

Step 1. Your company should submit a certified list of bona fide employees to

Barangay San Lorenzo Business Association (BSLBA)
2/F Metrobank Bldg., 908 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City

(Download Certified List of Employees Form)

Step 2. BSLBA will endorse the certified list to the Barangay Satellite Clinic

Step 3. During availment, employee should present Company ID with endorsement from his/her employer.

Where is the Satellite Clinic located?

Satellite Clinic is located at the corner of Rufino and Salcedo Streets. Click to view map.


What services are being offered, when and how much?

The Satellite Clinic is open from Monday to Friday except holidays.  Medical Specialists are available for consultation on their assigned days for pulmonology; emergency medicine; ear, nose and throat; pediatrics and dermatology.  (Click to download latest schedule of Medical / Dental Services.)

Minimal fees to be charged are as follows: 
P100 for medical consultation
P200 for dental services: tooth extraction, amalgam filling and dental check-up
P250 for dental x-ray.


Will I receive free medicine?

Yes, but only first dose of prescribed medicines. However, we are prohibited from issuing prescriptions for regulated drugs.




Tax Seminar

BSLBA, in cooperation with the BIR Revenue District Office No. 047 recently conducted a tax awareness seminar for the small vendors operating in Barangay San Lorenzo, more particularly the vendors of the Legazpi Sunday Market.  The seminar was intended to focus on the requirements imposed on organizers and vendors of tiangges as mandated by BIR Revenue Regulation No 16-2013 issued on August 22, 2013.

To enforce compliance with the said circular, a tax mapping activity was conducted by BIR RDO No 047 personnel during the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of December, 2013 at the Legazpi Sunday Market which resulted in citations of some vendors for tax compliance deficiencies.  A review of the said deficiencies prompted BSLBA to conduct a seminar with the vendors to correct the deficiencies reported by the BIR.

The seminar was held at the Milky Way Restaurant on January 7, 2014 at 2:00 PM and was attended by 56 vendors (out of the 120 or so registered vendors in the LSM).  Present as resource speakers were BIR specialists Mr Reynaldo Causapin from RDO No. 047 while BSL Kagawad Carmina Ortega and BSLBA Directors Diva Abad Santos served as resource persons and BSLBA Executive director Bong Tongco was moderator.

The seminar started with a power point presentation of the provisions of BIR RR No. 16- 2013, followed by a summary of the deficiencies cited in the tax mapping with the corresponding remedial measures to correct the deficiencies.

The question and answer portion followed with specific questions from the vendors ably fielded by the BIR specialists concerned.  At the end of the seminar, the vendors promised to correct their tax deficiencies for 2013 and be tax compliant from 2014 onwards.




Annual Membership MeetingThe 2013 Annual General Membership meeting of the Barangay San Lorenzo Business Association was held on May 27, 2013 at the Milky Way Restaurant at 4:00 PM.  Despite the announcement of the scheduled meeting way in advance, only a total of 164 members attended the meeting.  This number is far below the required quorum of 4000 members for the meeting to be valid for the conduct of business.

Nevertheless, the reports of the Chairman, the President and the Treasurer were presented to the members in attendance.  Due to the absence of a quorum, the election of the Board of Directors was not held and the entire Board remained on a hold-over basis.  The hold-over Board is composed of the following:

Anna Maria _ Tanchanco – Chairman
Veredigno P. Atienza – President
Severo Santillana, Jr – Treasurer
Dominador P. Hular – Corporate Secretary *
Divina Abad Santos – Trustee
Sisenando Barretto, Jr – Trustee
Bienvenido Niles – Trustee
Unong Barangay Ernesto Moya – Ex-Officio Director
Kagawad Carmina C Ortega – Ex Officio Director
Serafin P Tongco – Executive Director **

* resigned effective June 11, 2013
** Corporate Secretary vice Dominador P. Hular

Also declared on a hold-over basis is the external auditor, Marcelino Banaria, Jr. (CPA) of MS Banaria and Company.   




Barangay San Lorenzo and Barangay San Lorenzo Business Association conducted the 2014 Annual Registration of Businesses in the Barangay starting on January 3, 2014.  The registration was held in two venues:  at the newly renovated San Lorenzo Barangay Hall and at the Makati City Hall.

The Barangay registration is a requirement for the issuance of the Mayor’s Permit/License to Operate for 2014 and is only issued upon proof of current membership in the Business Association.

A total of 6,224 business establishments registered as of January 24, 2014 compared to 6,509 registrants for the same period in 2013.

The BSLBA office enlisted the assistance of 6 on-the-job trainees from the University of Makati for review/encoding of the application forms and cashiering activities during registration.


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